Living Below the Line

It has been quite a week so far.

My friends and I have been ‘living below the line’, spending only $2.25 on food and drink, for five days. We’re doing this to raise money and awareness for those who live below the line every day. The thing is, they have only $2.25 a day for food, water, shelter, clothing, medicine and so on. We got to spend that on food, and get water out of the tap from our sturdy homes, we got to dress for fashion and not just for comfort, we could still take medicine for our minor ailments. We have it so easy.

Eating less than usual, and more bland food, has been interesting. We have midnight tonight to look forward to, and yes, we’re planning a feast! Apart from a glimpse into the lives of those living in poverty, we have had the importance of community highlighted for us.

We bought food as a group, and much of it took a great deal of preparation – a giant pumpkin had to be cut up, split peas and chick peas soaked and cooked, fresh pasta prepared, bread made and rice cooked. We all had to contribute to the cooking of the meals, some lunches were delivered all over town, we looked after one another. We made it work, together, and that has been a true blessing this week.


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