Summer Christmas

I think everyone in the Wellington region woke up shocked at the amazing weather on Christmas day. We were given glassy waters, sunshine, and a gently warm day. I am glad that, in my family, we embrace the summer season that Christmas falls in, and no one insists on heavy traditional food.

This Christmas is going in to my top ten days of all time list.

Sitting between my Mum and Dad at church.

Inviting a stray German to join us for our celebrations.

Seafood! So much seafood. So good.

Kayaking around the coast and diving for paua.

Sparkling Shiraz, smashed paprika potatoes, pea mash with goat’s cheese, and escabeche. Delish.

Sitting around singing Christmas carols until Dad fell asleep.

We’re going to back up to diving for paua though. That was probably my favourite part. Paua are tricky creatures. You have to catch them unaware, or you have no hope of prizing them off their chosen rock. Fishing laws also mean that they have to be over a particular size too, so it’s quite a game to get the good ones out of the water and in to the pan.

Once you’ve got them caught, you have to shuck them.

Once you’ve got them out of there, you cook them! Most kiwis are familiar with the paua fritter, but my Dad isn’t a fan. He claims to have invented this way of cooking them. Very simple.

Slice them up. Nice and thin.

Fry them with a little tomato.
Add some fried onion and garlic. (As you can see, this is a team effort)


Voila! Delish.

I have to admit that we literally stood around this plate and ate it with our fingers/forks. Amazing.


For an appetiser using 6 paua,

1 onion, diced and fried

3 cloves garlic, minced and fried

1 tomato, diced

salt and pepper

parsley to garnish

You can proabably follow what to do from the photos, just make sure you have the pan on a medium-high heat, and don’t cook them for very long. At all. 1 minute tops.






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