Hey there blog/world/the three friends that read this!

I have been remiss in my blog writing, not only for most of the time that I have attempted to have a blog, but more so in the time since I started cooking school. Yup, it’s real life now. I wake up about three days a week, terrified that I’m doing the wrong thing and that I can’t work in this industry, and that the whole thing is a crazy money-wasting idea. But I read somewhere that if your dreams don’t scare you, then they’re not big enough. So let’s go with that.

And don’t fear, I do wake up the other four days of the week – I go to school and I go to work. I try to keep up to date with the goings-on in the world, and see my friends, and feed myself, and get exercise and call my Mum and my sister. There’s always a lot to do. Sometimes there’s too much to do, and I freak out a little. But somehow, it’s always ok. And then I get in the kitchen.

I mean, I get in the kitchen at school, and at work, and I love that. But there’s something different about getting inspired about a recipe, collecting the ingredients and equipment, and making it. Slowly. While listening to music. Or audiobooks. Turns out this is the same way my classmates find solace. It’s good to find like-minded folk.

I’m in sunny Alexandra this summer. Living with my family and working at a cafe. It’s grand. I made them seafood for dinner the other night.



Chop up some potatoes and a little bit of red onion and a lemon (preserved if you’ve got it). And roast for about an hour.





When they’re cooked and roasty and gorgeous, you slosh in a bit of white wine, and some salt and pepper, then top it with seafood – mussels/squid/cockles/crayfish/prawns/etc., cover with some tin foil or baking paper and pop back in the oven for 15-20 mins. The trick with seafood is to not overcook it. Watch it! (As you can see I added cherry tomatoes to mine)





And then it’s done! It’s so easy. Put the cooking juices into a jug to go with it. They’re so yum. We had it with green beans, and some capsicum. Note: Fresh herbs are essential at this point. Especially parsley.





Here’s a picture of the table, just because I feel like the other photos are really close up!





Here’s to truly excellent seafood, and summery days.



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