An email to my sister…

I just spent an hour writing an email to my sister – she’s going flatting for the first time and was in need of some recipe inspiration. It occurred to me that we all need some inspiration now and again, so I thought I’d put it here. Maybe it’ll be helpful for others too.
Hey Gabe,

Ok, so, here’s my advice: the best thing you can do is make twice as much dinner and then take it for lunch.

– Baked potatoes (like, stuffed ones) are great. You can make a bunch and take them to uni to eat (I assume they have microwaves around campus?) You could even make broccoli and tomato sauce to go with them. You can put all sorts of yummy things in there – cheese, onion, peas, bacon, spinach, etc.
– This looks super yummy! I’m not sure that you’ll have a fancy blender that will help you with that, but you’ll pick up speed on chopping and grating 🙂 I reckon it would last overnight ok, but not much longer than that.
– One-pot meals are also wonderful. Do you have the kind of pot that goes in the oven and on the stovetop? They’re kind of hard to come by, but SO worth it. But even if you don’t, you can still make things like this, which are super yummy and will last you a few days. You just have to use an oven dish instead, and if it doesn’t have a top, then make one with tin foil so it can be lovely and moist inside. This is along the same lines, but you don’t have to use crab. You could use egg or whatever you like!
– Frittatas are also excellent. So many different options for flavours. Add potato for some carbs. Great with a simple green salad. Or peas.
– I know how you love pasta, so maybe try something like this, which has lovely greens in there with it. Arugula is rocket/roquette. You can also use spinach or broccoli, or whatever you have around. This also looks yummy, and good for make-ahead lunches.
– I love fish cakes, because it makes tinned salmon seem waaay more fancy and delicious than it actually is. I can’t seem to find a blog that shares my love for them though. You basically drain and take the big bones out of a tin of salmon, and mash it together with an egg and a bit of (rice) flour. Then you fry them for 1-2 mins each side in a little bit of oil. You can add delicious things like paprika, spring onion, peas, corn and whatnot to make them a bit more exciting. Great with salad, or in a sandwich or something.
– Other things also make great fritters – quick to make too. Broccoliquinoazucchinicauliflower (though you can leave out the pomegranate), and so on. I had a loaf of bread that turned into crumbs once, and I turned that into fritters. Just add egg.
– Soup! Soup is great. So cheap, and it freezes or keeps well in the fridge. This lentil soup recipe conveniently has a list of other delicious sounding soups on it, so be sure to check those out too 🙂 This is freakin’ amazing. Just try it .
Speaking of lentils, they’re great. So cheap. And yummy. And filling. Make dhal! Or dal or dahl, (everyone spells it differently). That last recipe is a good one to play with. Lentil shepherd’s pie is also great, just remember that recipes are guidelines – Rick Stein says, ‘a recipe should be a tune to which you can sing your own song’, which is a bit cute. But also useful to remember – put in what you feel like eating!
– I love this blog for some good comfort food, usually feeds a crowd well, or you can chuck it in the freezer for a busy week.
– Rice noodles are gold. So quick to make, and dirt cheap. They’re actually faster to cook than 2 minute noodles, and rather than adding a flavour sachet full of.. who knows what.. I recommend sweet chilli sauce and peanut butter melted for 30 seconds in the microwave. You can add a bit of yoghurt if you’re feeling fancy. Also veggies if it’s a proper meal. In fact, you can add cooked chicken or a bit of omelette, or tofu.
Ok, so I could go one forever, but I am pretty exhausted at this point. Hopefully that’s helpful for now – let me know if you need anything else.
Zoë xo
p.s. I have a truly exceptional cookie recipe to share with you, just not tonight. Soon though.

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